Cardinal point marine Ltd


Management systems

Having championed the development, implementation, and assessment of management systems since 1996 we are passionate about their potential to deliver first-class business operations. Our view of management systems is informed by deep knowledge and the perspectives gained from senior technical, legal, human factors, and commercial roles. Clients of Cardinal Point Marine Ltd can benefit from this experience at any stage in the project cycle.

Process mapping

A detailed understanding of activity is essential to successfully running most business functions. By mapping activities, it is possible to understand who does what and when and, when properly assessed, this can lead to increased e!ciencies, better risk identification, and mitigation, and assist in providing clarity with respect to role descriptions and competencies.

Process assessment

Where a process has been mapped, this exercise stress tests it to ensure it is fit for its purpose, the client meets the organization’s risk objectives, and is carried out by people with the right competencies and authority at the right time.

Process re-engineering

Process mapping and assessment exercises may lead to re-engineering and change. Change can represent a major risk to businesses if it is not properly managed and communicated. Our experience in this area includes the development, implementation, and application of MoC processes.

IT solution assessment

We have experience in the specification and development of in-house and outsourced IT applications for the benefit of the business including operations, vetting, continuous improvement, security, and voyage performance monitoring.

Contract evaluation and negotiation

Cardinal Point Marine Ltd, with combined legal and technical expertise, fully understands the importance of first-class tender and contracting processes. The company can assist clients with a range of activities from new builds to voyage charter parties.


Performance metrics are essential to successful businesses; Cardinal Point Marine can assist with identifying the key points which are important to you and, more importantly, your clients and develop a business transformation program in response.